The Afro Diasporan Fight

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Ferry crash injures dozens of commuters in NYC

Ferry crash injures dozens of commuters in NYC

A commuter ferry packed with more than 300 people crashed into a dock in Lower Manhattan early Wednesday, injuring 57 people, at least two critically, officials said. Nine people were also in serious condition -Elizabeth Chuck, NBC News

Mayor Michael Bloomberg surveys the damage to a passenger ferry after it crashed on Jan. 9 in New York. At least 57 people were injured, two critically, when a commuter ferry struck a dock in New York City’s financial district, ripping open a right-side front corner.

We are all Ogoni! Today!

Nimmo Bassey
Today is the Ogoni Day. We remember all the fallen heroes of the land. We remember the words of the Nigerian national anthem: “The labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain.” Very true words if we stay alert!

We remember that it is one year and five months since the UNEP report on the assessment of the Ogoni environment was released. We shall not forget!

Solidarity with all the Ogoni people. Today we are all Ogoni!